Membership Renewals start 1 August 2019

TMB membership expires on 31 August 2019, but it would be great if you stay with us, or decide to join as a new member. We use our funds to pay for trail maintenance, and if you are lucky enough, for new trail building. The larger our community is, the bigger our voice when it comes to asking for more trail access. While we don’t want to ride every single path on the mountain, there are areas where cycling can be accommodated and we would like to make that happen. Our current annual contribution is R450 and it will most likely remain the same for 2019/20.

If you join in the month of August, the last month of the membership year, you don’t pay anything.We throw that month in for free. Pay R450 on joining and you get 13 month’s worth of value.

You get access to the members-only What’s App group, you receive a weekly newsletter and an e-membership card.But best of all, your contribution is used on the trails you ride.