Table Mountain Crime Hot Spot – Safety Sweep above Molteno Rd 6 Feb

Dear Table Mountain Bikers
Bernard Berman was stabbed on the track above rugby road this morning, Tuesday 5 February 2019.
His attacker not only stole his Canyon bike, but also violated the safety and joy of moving around in OUR back garden.
We would like to scour the area to see just how many people are living in the bush in the area.
We need a large group of volunteers to comb the area on either side of the track which goes up from Molteno road, below the intersection of the main track and the single track (where the recent fire was) We will drop Pins and report to San Parks security wherever we find nests.
We will meet at the top of Molteno Road at 6pm on Wednesday evening 6/2/2019
Please be there to support our community.
Please round up as much support as possible.
Please bring black bags and gloves to gather trash and a phone to document the nests we might find.
We need this to work and will begin regular walks through the area.
Thank you!
See you there
083 3248331